Thursday, 11 April 2013

Daniel Dolan

Yesterday the BBC featured Daniel Dolan, a young man from Widnes who has just graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy ("Man from Widnes passes final Bolshoi ballet exam", 10 April 2012). Dolan was one of three British ballet students who were featured in an earlier BBC video ("UK teenagers dancing for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy", 22 Feb 2011).

Last year he came home last year to carry the Olympic torch. In one of the YouTube films he wears a Team GB shirt which I am sure would have gone down very well in the country that was beaten into fourth place in the medals table.

I am impressed and can't wait to see him on the stage.  In the meantime I am enjoying his YouTube channel, reading his blog and admiring the photos on his website . He also has a Facebook page and twitter account.

Training in Russia does not come cheap so if you want to invest in developing a very rare talent here is your opportunity.

Being a Lancastrian I am brimming with pride. I wish him all the best.

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