Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Dutch National Ballet Junior Company - more than just dePrince

I have written a lot about Michaela dePrince in this blog and she deserves attention because she is a very promising young dancer,  But then so, it would seem. are all these others.   It looks as though I am in for a treat when I see the Junior Company of the Netherlands National Ballet perform at the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam on Sunday.

Here are the names of all the members of the company
  • Michaela DePrince, 
  • Jessica Xuan; 
  • Nathan Brhane, 
  • Mert Erdin, 
  • Daniel Montero, 
  • Sho Yamada 
  • Nancy Burer,
  • Therese Davis, 
  • Sofia Rubio Robles, 
  • Veronika Verterich; 
  • Daniel Cooke, and
  • Wentao Li.
As you can see from the film these dancers come from all parts of the world.  

The company is now touring the Netherlands with a programme of extracts from the classics as well as new works commissioned specially for its young dancers.   If I can squeeze my Chromebook into my luggage and the hotel has wifi I shall review the performance on Sunday night.   

If anybody from the Netherlands reads this article perhaps he or she can tell me the word for "chookas". Whatever it is I wish the company well for the start of their season on Friday.

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