Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bounden Launched

I have already mentioned Bounden, a game that has been developed by Game Oven a Dutch software house in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet on two occasions (see "Bounden - Something that appeals to my Interests in Technology and Dance" 17 Dec 2013 and "Bounden Part II - How it Works" 1 Feb 2014). The game has now been launched in the same week as the Dutch National Ballet Junior Company began its tour of Spain and England ("The Flying Dutchmen are coming to London"  24 May 2014). 

So far Bounden is available only on iPhones but Game Oven is developing a number of Android versions. I say a "number" because the game depends on a gyroscope and different phones have different types of gyroscope or in some cases no gyroscope at all. That means different software for different devices. The company has appealed to Android users to help it test and perfect its software for their phones. I have responded to the appeal and will let you know what happens.

Since the launch Game Oven has received a lot of plaudits for its iPhone version. Some of the folk who have tried it claim that it actually teaches ballet.  Jason Johnson of writes:
"Bounden will teach you ballet and help you hook up."
Jessica Conditt, adds:
"Bounden either turns players into graceful ballet dancers, courtesy of the Dutch National Ballet's expertise, or into giggling messes."
I suspect that is a bit of an exaggeration. I can't see how an app can dispense with years of barre work and centre exercises but it is obviously a lot of fun. With specially commissioned music and choreography by Meisner it is the nearest I will ever get to class with a grand sujet of the Dutch National Ballet who first distinguished himself in our own Royal Ballet.

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