Thursday, 2 October 2014

Adult Ballet in Moscow and San Francisco - could have been Leeds or Manchester

I think this class was filmed in Russia but this is exactly what we did in Leeds with Annemarie this morning.

One of the loveliest things about ballet is that you are part of a worldwide community of dance.  Here is a class in San Francisco but it could be Fiona's class in Huddersfield or Ailsa's in Manchester.

Look at the backgrounds of the pupils - architect, graphic designer, gymnast, even the equivalent of a High Court Judge - it is exactly the same in Leeds. And look at the interaction between the students and their teacher in both classes. It's a real bond of mutual respect and affection. Possibly that is the most precious thing in ballet.

Post Script

You will soon be able to do adult ballet in Dubai. There are two job ads for ballet teachers in the UAE in the RAD's Job Search International and both taking adult ballet classes is part of the job description. Where next?

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