Monday, 4 January 2016

Did I read this correctly?

Roberta Marquez and Steven McRae
You Tube Licence

In the January newsletter from Danceworks I read the following section:
"New Classical Ballet classes
Three fantastic new drop-in Ballet classes for 2016 for advanced dancers with extraordinary dance stars: Antonia Franceschi, (Mondays 11.30am from 4th), Zdenek Konvalina, (Tuesdays 10am from 11th), and Roberta Marquez (Wednesdays 10am from 6th)."
Now Roberta Marquez is one of the greatest ballerinas of her generation and which dancer of sufficient aptitude would not give an eye tooth for a class from her? Surely it is a misprint or another Roberta Marquez?

It seems not.  Marquez's class for advanced/professionals takes place between 10:00 and 11:30 on Wednesday at a cost of £8.  If I were good enough to take her class I would camp all night outside 16 Balderton Street to be first in the queue.

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