Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Hampson! A Postcript

I am very glad I attended Christopher Hampson's conversation with Gerald Dowler at the London Ballet Circle last night.

It was a very good meeting. I learned a lot about choreography and running a major national company with a great heritage and I also enjoyed some interesting anecdotes. Dowler is a good interviewer. One of his techniques (which I shall try to remember next time I chair a meeting) is to pause at various stages to invite questions and comments from the floor. It prompted an interesting discussion.

Although I try not to have favourites Scottish Ballet has a very special place in my affections. I have followed it since the 1960s. I was acquainted with its founder Peter Darrell and several of his dancers. I remember ferrying several of them to their lodgings in my old Ford Popular and giving others a tour of St Andrews. It is good to know that this very special and very precious company is in such good hands.

Yesterday's visit was my first to the Circle since David Nixon's talk last year. It was good to exchange greetings with Susan Dalgetty Ezra and other members of the Circle. It was a very long day. I had to leave home at 14:20 to catch the 16:21 train from Donny and I did not return until just before 02:00 this morning but the talk was well worth the effort.

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