Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ballet Black's Tour

Linbury Theatre  Source Wikipedia
Ballet Black are on the move again with new works by Christopher Marney, Martin Lawrence and Arthur Pita. They are at the Linbury between the 25 Feb and the 4 March 2014. Then they go to Cambridge, Guidford, Southport, Exeter and Nottingham. Their performances at the Linbury have been sold out for some time but you can still catch them at the other venues and they are well worth any journey. I shall be in the Linbury on 26 Feb 2014 and in Southport on 22 May. I just can't see enough of Ballet Black.

Last year I saw them at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in May (see
"Why Ballet Black Is special" 20 May 2013) and the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre in Leeds ("Ballet Black is still special" 7 Nov 2013). They now have recruited  two exciting new dancers, including Isabela Coracy from Brazil who is already one of my favourites (see "Ballet Black's New Dancers" 24 Sep 2013) joining Cira Robinson, Sayaka Ichikawa, Damien Johnson and Joseph Alves on my list of very special dancers.

Although I admire Ballet Black for its work I also admire the company's founder and artistic director, Cassa Pancho, for her vision. On 6 Oct 2013 she wrote a very thoughtful article on the company's Facebook page which I discussed in "Ballet Black: 'we don't talk about stuff, we just do it'." Through their performances in all parts of the UK and beyond (they have just returned from a very successful tour of Bermuda) and through their school Pancho and Ballet Black have accomplished some wonderful things.

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