Friday, 20 June 2014

They Made It!

Kenneth Tindall

Over the last few days I have been beating the drum for Hannah Bateman and Kenneth Tindall who have been raising funds on Kickstarter for the filming of Tindall's new ballet The Architect. (see  "Tindall's Architect - How to Get a Piece of the Action - Literally!" 7 June 2014 and "Ballets beginning with "N" and a Bright Patriotic Romp for a Monday Morning" 9 June 2014).

Mel Wong and I have each contributed £10 to this project and were two of the first backers.  I am delighted to say that Bateman and Tindall exceeded their target with 5 hours to spare and that the film will  now be made.

In making this film Tindall will collaborate director Stephen T Lally and designer Christopher Giles.

Mel has already seen the ballet and reviewed it for BalletcoForum. I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.  As I have greatly admired Tindall's other work I have high hopes for The Architect.

I should like to congratulate everyone involved in this project and to thank Janet McNulty for bringing it to Mel's and my attention.

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