Sunday, 12 February 2017

Rachael Gillespie

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I am a colossal fan of Rachael Gillespie. I have singled her out for special commendation in many of my reviews and tweets. From this clip of her rehearsing with Jeremy Curnier you will understand why. She dances with passion but also with precision.

One of the articles in Friday's Friends' newsletter was 60 Seconds with ..... Rachael Gillespie.  It reminds readers that she comes from Swindon, a town that I had always associated with maddening roundabouts like this one.

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Henceforth, I shall associate Swindon with Cathy (see Wuthering Heights 19 March 2015), Tinkerbell (see Not too sure about Fairies but I certainly believe in Rachael Gillespie 21 Dec 2014) or one of the other roles that I have seen Gillespie dance. On reflection, it has just occurred to me that there may be a connection between Gillespie's prowess and Swindon's roundabouts. I've found from the little bit of ballet training that I have received that a dancer has to think fast on his or her feet. Negotiating Swindon's road system would be perfect mental training.

I won't spoil the article by telling you what else is in 60 Seconds save that there's a lovely self-deprecating story which shows that she must have a great sense of humour. She shares my love of Jane Austen and my hope to see Pride and Prejudice translated into ballet. Northern Ballet has two Brontë ballets in its repertoire, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Surely Austin's comedy of manners lends itself to theatre so much more naturally than the tragic tales of the maungy maids of Haworth.

Northern Ballet will present three new full-length works this year with plenty of new roles which I am sure she will make her own.

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