Saturday, 6 May 2017

Jack White

The brilliant young composer, Jack White, who wrote the score for Ballet Cymru's Cinderella which was our ballet of the year for 2015 against some incredibly strong competition (see Highlights of 2015 29 Dec 2015) and Stuck in the Mud for the same company (see An Explosion of Joy 21 Sept 2014) has just published his soundtrack for Cinderella on his website (see Cinderella soundtrack now available 2 May 2017).

Very fairly, Jack has invited his licensees to name their price for permission to download and replay his music. But please remember that "name your price" does not mean "pay nowt" even if you come from Yorkshire like these monkeys.

Hear nowt, see nowt, say nowt
Eat owt, drink owt and pay nowt
And if thou ever does owt for nowt
do it for th''sen
Author Tumi
Unrestricted Licence

Copyright subsists in Jack's work and will continue to subsist in it at least in Wales and England for the rest of Jack's life plus 70 years and in some places even longer.  So as he has played fair with you, you play fair with him.

Jack tells me that he has recently been commissioned to write a score for the National Dance Company of Wales which will be premiered later in the year.

He likes writing for ballet and contemporary dance companies. I invite every artistic director and choreographer from Alaska to Australia to give Jack's music a listen.

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