Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Rehearsal

Ballet is intended for the theatre. No matter how untalented a student you may be, unless you dance before the paying public in a theatre you miss something important. The occasions that I have danced in the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre (see The Time of My Life 28 June 2014 and My Second Ballet  5 July 2015), The Dancehouse (see One of my proudest moments - Dancing in Move It! 31 Jan 2016) and Morley Town Hall (see Growing Old Disgracefully in Morley 28 Sept 2015) have truly been high points of my life and, lest the cynical suggest that I ought to get out more, I have been blessed, through my career, marriage and education, with a very full, happy, challenging and fulfilling life.

This week I am preparing for Move It at the Dancehouse in Manchester on 13 May at 19:00. I know it clashes with the Eurovision song contest but, believe me, our show will be so much better (see  Better than Eurovision 24 May 2015). If anybody thinks that in this first contest after Brexit any jury in Europe will give the British entry any points at all, irrespective of its artistic quality. must already reside n Cloud Cuckoo Land. Unless you happen to have a ticket for Ballet Central's how in Whitehaven (see Triumphant  1 May 2017), the Birmingham Royal Ballet in York or Poole (see Doing the Splits 8 May 2017), Northern Ballet's Casanova at the Wells (see Casanova Second Time Round 7 May 2017) or the Royal Ballet's Mayerling 13 May 2017) you won't find better entertainment this Saturday.

Yesterday was the day of our technical rehearsal. I had a very busy week with and yesterday was particularly hectic with my IP clinic in Barnsley (see How can I protect my Business Idea? 7  May 2017), proofs to correct, my draft decision in a domain name dispute to review on top of the usual pressing paperwork. I also had to make a detour to Planet Dance at Batley to pick up the mesh dress that I shall be wearing for Saturday's show.

Traffic was very heavy in Princes Street last night delaying my tram for over 20 minutes as a result of which I arrived at class between pliés and tendus. Nevertheless, we had a good class with the usual barre and centre exercises.  At the end of the class, Karen. our teacher and choreographer led us to the theatre, We had only a 15-minute slot on stage so we had one run through from the top. I won't even hint at what it is but Karen has included something quite spectacular in our piece.  At the suggestion of the stage manager, we also practised entering the stage and finding our place in darkness. As we were somewhat less than perfect Karen brought us back to the studio for some further work in the studio. We staggered onto Oxford Road well after 21:00 and I finally rolled up at my Pennine fastness tired but happy just before Radio 4's Book at Bedtime.

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