Saturday 22 July 2017


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In two of their most successful productions, The Light Princess and Cinderella, Ballet Cymru have collaborated with Citrus Arts. They are another Welsh company that contribute circus skills to dance and other performing arts. Right now they are in my neighbourhood - Oakwell Hall to be precise - where they are performing Savage Hart in the walled garden.

The show is staged by an organization called "Creative Scene" which describes itself as the Arts Council England Creative People and Places project for West Yorkshire. You can find out more about them from a report by Professor Steve Swindells of Huddersfield University. According to Creative Scene's website, Savage Hart is about some deer that have watched over the dining hall of a cruel man of his times and are now putting their antlers together to form a plan.

According to the blurb
"aerial artistry, ballet and circus combine to create this bewitching tale of a 19th century aristocrat, haunted by the ghosts of his past."
The production has been nominated for "Best Dance Production at the Wales Theatre Awards" which says a lot.

I learned of this show quite by chance from Krystal Lowe who announced it briefly on social media. Krystal is already one of my very favourite dancers and her career seems to be blossoming in akk directions. As well as dancing for Ballet Cymru, she teaches at the University of South Wales and is now branching into choreography. I believe she also teaches ballet to adults on Monday evenings.  I have been badgering my clerk for months to fix a hearing at the Patent Ofice or the Cardiff Business and Property Court on a Monday so that I can attend Krystal's class.

I don't know whether Krystal is dancing tonight but, if she is, it will be the icing on the cake. The week started out well with a brilliant class from Karen, gathered momentum with another great one from Fiona and coincided with my 1,000th post to Terpsichore. What better way to end a week than watching one of my favourite dancers!

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