Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Back To The Pointe

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It’s been months since I last wrote a post here, and until last week it had been ten weeks since I had last attended a ballet class, and here’s the reason why.

Shortly before Christmas 2017, I came out in a horrible black bruise all the way from my third metatarsal to my ankle. I thought I’d broken my foot, as it was quite painful to walk on never mind dance. I had an x–ray and soon found out that it was not broken, but instead that I had tiny fibre tears all along my peroneal tendon. I was advised to take a break from ballet. With the Christmas holidays approaching that wasn’t a hard task, but I was wary, as I had booked onto The Ballet Retreat, which was in Leeds, on the first weekend of the New Year. I did attend The Ballet Retreat and I had a wonderful experience there, meeting such wonderful people within the ballet community. My foot seemed fine, so I returned to my classes as usual. Within a short space of time the pain came back, so I stopped. I gave my foot a chance to recover and I focused on my studies.

As a final year student studying costume, I lead a very busy life.  Particularly over February I wasn’t able to attend any classes, as I was just so busy. With my dissertation finished now and a costume, portfolio and textiles samples left to complete, it’s been hard to find time to do anything but my degree.  I love my course and the work I am producing, but I also love ballet.  

I felt the need to return to ballet both physically and mentally. I could feel my body and mind needed to dance. So finally after a long ten weeks away from ballet, I made time to attend a ballet class last week. The class was at KNT Danceworks in Manchester, with Karen Sant. I took the pre intermediate class and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I used to take the following class and the pointe class after the pre intermediate class, but as it had been so long since I had last danced I decided to take it easy. I was also conscious of my studies and the time it takes to travel back to Huddersfield, and therefore I left after the one class, as I didn’t want to have a late night. To be honest I felt worn out, my body hadn’t been worked properly for months. I grinned to myself though during the class as I started to plié and tendu, the exercises coming back to me through my muscle memory. It felt so good to dance. There are many things that I need to work on now that I used to do with such ease, but I was delighted to be back in class!  

With less than 10 weeks until my final ever university hand in, I’ll be squeezing in what I can of ballet, but soon I’ll be able to plié and pirouette as much as I like. Bearing in mind my foot though, I’ll be taking my comeback slowly. I think it’ll be a little while before I put my pointe shoes back on, but I hope to return to it soon and the wonderful classes I had been taking with Fiona Noonan as well as those at KNT.

I love ballet and I always will, it’s been heartbreaking to have taken so much time away, but it has been beneficial, for I have comeback stronger and with an increasing desire to dance! Ballet is fantastic for the mind and body.

As for my university work, I enjoy it despite the long hours. My project is on The Firebird and if you would like to see what I have been working on the last few months, please feel free to check out my Instagram account here.

Amelia x


  1. Sounds painful! So sorry to learn of your injury but glad that you are better. Looking forward to attending class with you soon and all the best with your university studies and also with your pointe class,

    1. It was, thank you. Indeed, class with you is always a pleasure. It'll be a while before I attend pointe class still.

  2. The rest has been a blessing in disguise as you achieved a first for your dissertation. Be careful when you go back on pointe as you may need to get professionally fitted again after a long time of not wearing them

    1. Indeed it has! I'm very proud of my first. Yes indeed, I'm very cautious of that