Saturday, 31 March 2018

David Murley

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I have just stumbled upon the website of one of my favourite choreographers, David Murley. I was led to him, as I had been led to Ballet Black, by Sarah Kundi.  For a few months she was a member of a company that Murley directed. Extracts from two of the works that Murley created for that company, Frisky Claptrap and Highgrove Suite, appear in the above show reel.

It appears from the CV/resume page of his website that Murley has packed a lot of experience into his career.  He has worked in London and on tour with Covent Garden.  His experience includes opera as well as dance.

Murley has recently obtained a Professional Dancer's Teaching Diploma.  He has already taught at the London Ballet School, London Boys Ballet School, and Pineapple among other places.

A man of many talents, I look forward to finding out what he will do next.

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