Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Another Goodbye

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Another departing artist who will be greatly missed is Northern Ballet's first soloist Victoria Sibson (see Saying Farewell 3 May 2018)  .  Like Moira Shearer who was the subject of my Christmas Day appreciation in 2016, Sibson has the most beautiful hair and features that must be a choreographer's canvass.  I have never had the good fortune of meeting her. Now that she is about to go I don't suppose I ever shall. But if dancing is any indication of personality, I imagine she is full of fun and just lovely in every possible way.

The first time I noticed Sibson was when she poked her face through the curtain in Kenneth Tindall's Luminous Junc*ture which I reviewed in Angelic - Northern Ballet's Mixed Bill 9 June 2013. Although I can't remember her in any leading roles she has danced some very important ones.  I think her performance that impressed me most was as Bertha (the first Mrs Rochester) in the wedding scene in Cathy Marston's Jane Eyre in Richmond (see Northern Ballet's Jane Eyre: the best new Ballet from the Company in 20 Years  2 June 2016).

Sibson has glowed (and occasionally smouldered) in so many roles:  La Fée Magnifique in Beauty and the Beast, the mother in Las Hermanas, Myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby and Ellen in Wuthering Heights to name a view. The last time I saw her was as Aunt Reed in Jane Eyre at Sheffield last month (see Jane Eyre Second Time Round 18 April 2018.

The notice announcing Sibson's departure does not mention where she is going or what she will do when she leaves the company but I wish her well in all that she sets out to do.  She has given me a lot of pleasure over the years for which I am very grateful.

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