Friday, 6 January 2017

Vote for your Dance Teacher of the Year

I was just about to go to beddy byes when I spotted the above tweet from @dancingtimes.  I clicked the link and arrived at Dance Today Dance Teacher of the year. I read the first paragraph:
"So many of our readers love to dance, and love the teachers who have led, informed and inspired them. When magazine Dance Today, now incorporated into Dancing Times, launched the Teacher of the Year competition for social dance teachers, we were amazed and touched by our readers’ votes. You didn’t just vote for your teachers, you told us why they were wonderful – how they drew out skills people didn’t think they had, built up communities of dancers and opened doors to new levels of health, skill and fun."
I have excellent teachers in Leeds and Manchester and have attended some great classes in other parts of the world such as Huddersfield, Sheffield, London and even Budapest. I admire, love and respect them all. I have mentioned several of them more than once in this blog.

But there is one teacher for whom I have a particular regard. So I nominated her.   I won't mention her name but I think that one or two of my readers in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester may take an educated guess as to whom I have in mind:
"Everyone who had taken that intensive was transformed by it so her presence back stage lifted our morale to new heights. Mine particularly for I had taken her class ....... the previous [week] and by some fluke I had actually managed to pull off a pirouette more or less correctly. [She] had witnessed it and the expression on her face was a joy to behold. I think she was even more delighted than I had been."
Now I am sure I am not the only one to have a very special teacher.  Some of you may even have the same one as I do.  All I would ask is that you lodge your nominations before the deadline today.

According to Dancing Times  
"All you have to do to nominate your teacher is to get in touch by January 6, 2017, by post, email, or via Twitter or our Facebook page. Tell us about your teacher and why you’d love to see them win the Dance Today Teacher of the Year 2016. One of our favourite things has been hearing about the work of the teachers – heartfelt thanks and delightful descriptions, from praise of teacher’s sensitivity to happiness in new skills. So when you vote, tell us why your teacher should win, what makes them special and inspiring."
There are the contact addresses:


Facebook You’ll find us under “Dancing Times

witter @dancingtimes

And remember:


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