Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Dance as a University Sport

One important development since I was at university has been the emergence of dance as a university sport. According to this report from the Dance Club, has had a dance team known as "the blue angels" for over 10 years which "attended four competitions across the nation winning a total of 30 trophies including ‘Best Overall University’ at the University of Loughborough’s Dance Competition, the largest inter-university competition in the UK."

I have googled the event and found this Facebook page and this event page on the Loughborough Students Union website. There is also a YouTube channel for the competition.  I am pleased to see that St Andrews maintained the momentum and won the advanced contemporary and came second in novice ballet competitions the following year.

I saw the Blue Angels at  St Andrews University Dance Club's 50th Anniversary Gala and I can see why they did so well.  Videos showing their performances appear in the YouTube channel that I mentioned in Remarkable Stuff - St Andrews University Dance Club Videos. I liked all of them and congratulate all the Blue Angels.  As I have to pick one for this post I have chosen the intermediate ballet team's performance of Dysphoria that appears above.

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