Wednesday, 19 June 2013

David Wall 1946 - 2013

When I first fell in love with ballet in the late 1960s and early 1970s there were some great male dancers in the Royal Ballet such as Anthony Dowell, Rudolf Nureyev and David Wall. Sadly the last of those three died yesterday (see "Ballet dancer David Wall dies aged 67" BBC 19 June 2013).  

In the obituaries and news reports that I have seen today Wall is remembered for partnering Margot Fonteyn  but he also danced with the other great ballerinas of the day. My memory of him is dancing Romeo with Lynn Seymour and fortunately someone has posted a clip of the bedroom scene from Romeo and Juliet on YouTube. No doubt a lot of people like me will watch that pas de deux with glistening eyes.

I learned something new today from Wikipedia. The sculpture to the left which we have seen so many times is apparently based on David Wall.  It is called Jete and it is by Enzo Plazzotta. I shall now remember that wonderful principal every time I pass it.

Other Obituaries
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