Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Yorkshire Talking Heads: Mark Skipper

Mark Skipper

My very good friend and client Ed Ryder who set up Biskit Ltd., has invited Mark Skipper, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Ballet, to speak at the Leeds Club on Tuesday 15 Oct 2013.  If you are free that evening I would urge you to attend and you can book on-line through Biskit's Eventbrite page.  You have to hurry because bookings close on 24 Sept 2013.

I am hopelessly torn.  I'm a big fan of Northern Ballet all the more so after being wowed by the company's performance on Saturday (see "Realizing Another Dream" 15 Sept 2013 and "In Leeds of all Places" today) and I really would like to meet the man behind this company but it clashes with my adult ballet class at The Base in Huddersfield (see "Adult Ballet Classes" 7 Sept 2013).

As I am not very good at ballet and as I am going to the "Business of Ballet" breakfast meeting on the 23 Sept 2013 where we are promised  an "inspiring and illuminating session" with Mr. Skipper (see "Business of Ballet: Northern Ballet's bid to educate us Philistines" 28 July 2013) I think I will opt for the class.  But if you don't have a class do go to the Leeds Club. Knowing Ed as I do I am sure he will make it a great evening.

PS. Before I forget, I have added the Northern Ballet blog to my bloggroll. I have read several of their articles and they are very good.

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