Sunday, 31 August 2014

Emma, Frances .... and other Liverpudlians - Maybe this is for you

Liverpool Town Hall
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On 26 April 2014 I saw Ballet Theatre UK's production of The Little Mermaid at The Atkinson and loved it (see Pure Delight - BTUK's Little Mermaid in Southport 27 April 2014). Sitting next to me in the theatre was a young woman called Emma who had just started to appreciate ballet and expressed the wish to take up adult ballet but was not sure how to start. For her and everyone else in a similar position I wrote For Emma 28 April 2014.

A few weeks later I had a cup of tea with Frances who was in my over 55 ballet class in Leeds. Frances loved that class as do we all but she thought she would have to give up her ballet because she is going back to Liverpool.

And then there are others in that great metropolis by the Mersey including many of my instructing solicitors and patent attorneys of both genders whom I would just love to see in tights and leotards.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, maybe this is for you. KNT Danceworks whose complete beginners class I reviewed the other day (see "So Proud of Manchester - KNT Danceworks Complete Beginners Class" 29 Aug 2014) runs classes in Liverpool and according to twitter they are holding a free session at Liverpool Town Hall on 8 Sept 2014
If the Liverpool classes are anything like the Manchester ones they should be great and after the taster ..........

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