Tuesday, 3 February 2015

If ever I came back to London .............

................. I think I'd spend a lot of my time in Danceworks. I doubt if I'd ever get any work done. My long suffering clerk would suck his teeth and lament "We see less of you now than when you were in Yorkshire, Miss."

Because there is so much happening at that studio.

First, there is a talk by Ed Watson on 10 Feb 2015 between 19:15 and 20:45. I'm also giving a talk that earlier day (though on a very different topic at a different venue) but I shall be in town so will be able to hear him. Tickets are now sold out but there is a waiting list. Here is a link to the Royal Ballet's YouTube clip on The Winter's Tale where he discusses his role as Leontes.

Secondly, there is a new absolute beginners class for adults between 17 March and 6 May 2015 with Franziska Rosenzweig which covers the following:
  • Posture and placement work
  • Improve core strength
  • Basic steps
  • Turning
  • Footwork combination
  • Improve muscle tone in a long lean elegant way
  • Improve flexibility, all while dancing!
  • Barre work with basic easy to follow exercises to focus on correct technique
  • Centre practice, including:
  • Port de Bras
  • Adagio
  • Waltz
  • Preparation for Pirouettes
  • Allegro
The full course costs £129.50.

For advanced dancers, the same teacher is running a 5 week repertoire course on the solo in La Esmeralda

Thirdly, there are 7 new classes at Danceworks: pilates, strala yoga, Latin, contemporary and more.

You can book tickets for Made in Dagenham at The Adelphi for £25 through Danceworks website. That's a bargain even by North Country standards.

Akram Khan is also running a 2 day workshop in April.

The full timetable is here.

Probably just as well that I live 200 miles away.

Post Script

5 Feb 2015   Yesterday I found myself at a networking event in Upper Grosvenor Street which is not much more than an few grands jetés away from Balderton Street so I moseyed on over to pay Danceworks a visit. There were some very nice people of the front desk who invited me to take a peep at the classes. There seemed to be street, jazz and some kind of stretching exercises while I was there. They all seemed a lot if fun. Had I brought my shoes and leotard I would definitely have joined in. Had I not had a train to catch I would have bought myself a Danceworks t-shirt and leggings from Selfridges and danced in bare feet. I am looking forward to returning on the 10 Feb to see Ed Watson and to taking my first class on Sunday 15 Feb.

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