Wednesday, 20 January 2016

So what was so great about it exactly?

It wasn't just me who said so. One of my classmates posted to his Facebook page:
"Loved class and rehearsals tonight. just what i needed after the past few days (especially today)"
I have to say that I enjoy all my classes. It is very rare that I don't and when that happens it is nearly always my fault in attending when I am not 100% rather than that of the teacher or classmates (see Never attend a Ballet Class the Morning after the Night Before 21 Dec 2015),  So what made yesterday's class special?

Well, first of all it was huge. I counted 50 dancers before Karen Sant, our instructor called us to order and set out first exercise. There were quite a few new faces but there were also plenty of folk I knew from the Swan Lake intensive and previous classes.

Secondly, it was happy. Everyone was there to have fun.  When you bring 50+ people together to do something they love you get magic.

Thirdly, we have a good instructor. Karen pushes us hard. Particularly in the chaînés which sends our heads spinning however much we try to spot with consequent giggles which add to the fun. But she never pushes us too far so when we reach the mirror without falling over we feel we have accomplished something.

Fourthly, the class is in Manchester which has some of the jolliest people in the world. Don't look at me for the exception that proves the rule. I was born in Manchester but went to school in London and grew up in Surrey. But we Mancunians have a humour all of our own and we like to be nice to each other.

Of course, we have these elements every week so what happened last night to make it special. Dunno but it was as anyone could tell from our grins, chatter and giggles as we exited into the cold, dark Oxford Road night.

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