Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Wie Lange Noch

Thomas van Damme and Emilie Tassinari
Photo Michel Schnater
Copyright 2016 Dutch National Ballet
Reproduction licensed with kind permission of the company
All rights reserved

Dutch National Ballet Junior Company, Meervaart Theatre, 14 Feb 2016

One of the most thrilling parts of the Dutch National Ballet's Junior Company's Ballet Bubbles programme on 14 Feb 2016 was Krzysztof Pastor's Wie Lange Noch to the music of Kurt Weill. Pastor is probably best known in this country for his Romeo and Juliet for Scottish Ballet which I reviewed in Scottish Ballet's Timeless Romeo and Juliet 18 May 2014.

This work featured two of my favourite young dancers: Thomas van Damme who had delighted me the previous year with his performance of Ernst Meisner's Embers with Nancy Burer in 2015 (see Junior Company's New Season 6 Feb 2015) earning Meisner my personal choreographer of the year award for 2015 (see Highlights of 2015 29 Dec 2015) and Emilie Tassinari who had impressed me and many others in Cinderella at the Coliseum (see Wheeldon's Cinderella 13 July 2015). Those two have really blossomed since I first met them just over a year ago and I am sure that they can both look forward to a glittering future.

So, too, can Joseph Massarelli and Daniel Robert Silva who appear below.

Joseph Massarelli and Daniel Robert Silva, 
Photo Michel Schnater, Copyright 2016 Dutch National Ballet. Reproduction licensed with kind permission of the company,All rights reserved

Those chaps were also in that piece. As they have only just joined the company this was the first time I had seen them. I am very impressed and will follow their careers with interest.

You will find my review of the show in Ballet Bubbles on 16 Feb 2016.

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