Saturday, 31 March 2018

Powerhouse Ballet

Last week I saw a brilliant performance of The Snow Queen by the Chelmsford Ballet Company which I reviewed in Chelmsford's Dazzling Snow QueenA couple of weeks earlier I saw an innovative performance of The Nutcracker by Duchy Ballet of Truro in which a Sugar Rum Cherry replaced the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Wouldn't it be lovely to do something like that in the North I mused on the long trek home. With great teachers throughout the region, lots of able and enthusiastic adult dance students, top professional companies for inspiration and great ballet schools, we ought to be able to do at least as well.

I canvassed the idea on Facebook and found that lots of other people with the same idea. We discussed how to get started.  We decided that a good way would be advertise a free class at a convenient venue with a teacher who is well known on both sides of the Pennines and see who turns up.  I have already received an expression of interest from an excellent teacher who meets that criterion and I have shortlisted some possible studios.

As I hope that the company will straddle the Pennines I have provisionally called the project "Powerhouse Ballet".  If folk don't like that name we can easily call it something else after we get started.  For now I have registered the domain name "" and set up a website in that name. Over the next few days I shall talk to dance agencies, the RAD,

If anyone wants to discuss this project call me on 07966 373922 or message me through my contact form.

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