Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ballet Cymru: "Romeo a Juliet"

Ballet Cyrnru is based in Newport which became notorious for a Jay Z take-off that many thought was better than the original. Of course, there is more to Newport than that.  It is the home of the Swyddfa Eiddo Deallusol ("Intellectual Property Office" to you sunshine) which keeps me busy. It also has The National Roman Legion Museum at Caerleon, one of the best archaeological museums in the country. It has a castle, cathedral, a university campus and curious bridge called The Transporter.  And of course, the ballet company.

The company has just produced a new version of Romeo and Juliet (or "Romeo a Juliet" as it prefers to call it) which will be premièred at the Riverfront Theatre in Newport on 3 May and then go on tour.  Appropriately their first port of call outside Wales will be Cumbria and Ayrshire where Welsh was once spoken.

I shall try to catch up with them at The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal where they are performing on the 11.  I shall let you know how they get on.

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