Sunday, 7 July 2013

Two Ballet Appeals

Here are two appeals which are very well worth supporting.

One is for the education of Mr. Alessandro Caggegi at the Bolshoi Ballet school in Moscow which has been launched by his mum, Louise Mercer. Caggegi is clearly an outstanding student from whom we can expect much. You can learn more about him and his history by visiting his website.

I learned of Caggegi and his appeal from Tracey Summerell who is another lawyer who loves ballet.  Tracey's children attend Kate Simmons Dance Ltd in Warrington where Caggegi studied. It obviously recognizes and develops exceptional talent when it sees it.   The school's end of year performance takes place at the Lowry between 12 and 14 July and I would have loved to have seen it.  Alas, I can't be in two places at the same time. But I can say chookas or toi-toi to everyone in the show.

The other appeal is my ballet teacher's 10km run in Leeds on 14 July to raise money for Northern Ballet and Macmillan cancer relief. Her target is to raise £300 and she is nearly there.   Now it takes a special type of saint to teach me ballet believe me, because I really do have two left feet, so do dig deep for that final £90.

As this blog is read in the USA, Russia and the eurozone as well as Britain you can contribute to both campaigns in dollars (US, Canadian Australian, Kiwi, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe or whatever), roubles, euro, yen, renminbi,  rupees, dirhams or indeed Sierra Leonean leones.   All contributions would be equally appreciated.

Post Script

I shared this post on Linkedin where it came to Tracey Summerell's attention. She made the following comment:
"I'm sure Alex and his mum will be delighted by your interest and grateful for the support. Alex is a shining example of what can be achieved when you work hard at your passion. Take a look at this:"
I have uploaded the clip here.

That lad is good. As I said, dig deep but don't forget Northern Ballet or Macmillan either will you,

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