Saturday, 6 September 2014


I was looking for information about Venturefest Manchester when I came across the headline "Entrepreneur launches UK's first dance directory" in the Business Growth Hub blog. It is an on-line database of dance schools called Dancelinks with some 4,000 dance schools around the country.

According to the article its founder is a young woman called Jessica Slater who got the idea while looking for a dance class when she moved to Manchester last year:
"Jessica has been an amateur dancer since she was four and wanted to continue when she moved to Manchester from North Yorkshire in 2013. After finding it difficult to find a class herself, she came up with the idea of developing a national dance club directory."
Slater was helped to launch this service by Business Growth Hub which helped her to express and develop her business model.

The website has a search page with four columns of check boxes ranging from "Any Style" to "Zumba". Below those columns there are "age ranges" check boxes - "Any age", "18 or over" and "Under 18" - and below that a space to enter a studio name or location. I checked the boxes for "Ballet" and "18 or over" and typed in "Leeds" and the site came up with Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Professional Dance Experience Ltd" and "Yorkshire Dance". Nor comprehensive because it omitted Northern Ballet Academy where I learn but not bad and, of course, it is very early days.

There is also a calendar of dance events which includes events in different styles from all parts of the country.

I for one wish Slater well and will watch the development of the site with interest,

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