Monday, 29 September 2014

Nowt to write home about

As you know Yorkshire folk are a very modest bunch. They never blow their own trumpets or shout about their achievements. Much. Now they have something to shout about.

First they won the county championship. The first time since 2001. Cricket as you may or may not know is one of my abiding passions.

The other is ballet. According to "Bluebird", one of the subscribers to BalletcoForum, Xander Parish won the best young male dancer category of the Malakhov Foundation's Taglioni Awards and Northern Ballet the best company category. I might add that Kenneth Tindall was one of the finalists of the young choreographer award. You will find the full results in Bluebird's post to BalletcoForum here.  Congratulations to all the winners and finalists.

A few days ago I tweeted that it was good to meet Dominic North and that I noted that he came from Yorkshire.

I replied:

That tweet was favorited (sic) by Xander Parish.

That got me thinking about who else I could include - David Bintley, Elaine McDonald, Marguerite Porter, Thomas Whitehead, Brandon Lawrence - for starters. Einstein is reputed to have said that dancers are the athletes of God so it is only fitting that a fair number hail from God's own county.

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