Thursday, 11 February 2016

Birthday Offering

My birthday falls on Sunday. Don't ask me how old I will be because it's depressing. But there is one thing that never fails to cheer me up and that is to watch the excellent young men and women of the Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet. They are recent graduates of some of the world's best ballet schools and they are now cadet members of one of the world's best companies. I featured them in a series of articles in 2014 (see The Junior Company 3 Dec 2014) and I have been following them for almost as long as I have been keeping this blog.

Last weekend they danced in the finals of the Lausanne International Ballet Competition. This weekend they will begin their tour of the Netherlands with a performance of Ballet Bubbles at the Meervaart wherever that may be. Their programme will consist of
  • La Vivandière Pas de six – Arthur Saint-Léon
  • Ballet 101 – Eric Gauthier
  • Fuse – Charlotte Edmonds
  • 5 – David Dawson
  • Kurt Weill – Krzysztof Pastor
  • Trois Gnossienes – Hans van Manen
  • New work – Ernst Meisner.
I will catch their matinee on Sunday which will enable me to see Ted Brandsen's Mata Hari the night before and catch a plane home in time for work on Monday. The role of Mata Hari will be danced by Anna Tsygankova. She danced Cinderella at the Coliseum so delightfully. That will be another treat,