Monday, 9 May 2016

An Example of Casa Alessia's Work in Burundi

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I have written quite a lot about the Gala for Alessia at the Silvio Pellico Theatre in Trecate Northern Italy at 21:00 on 28 June 2016. Admission to the theatre is free so long as you book your place by phone by calling +39 333 390  7055 or contact me before the 24 June. However there will be a collection for Casa Alessia at the end and this film is about one of the charity's projects.

The title of the film is "Casa Alessia - Masango Orphanage (Burundi)" and it shows volunteers in yellow T-shirts helping members of a religious order known as the Sisters of Charity of San Vincenzo De' Paoli to look after street kids.

Burundi is a tiny landlocked country in East Africa.  It is estimated that nearly 11.2 million people are crammed into its 10,747 square miles (slightly larger than Wales). Until the end of the First World War it was governed by Germany. Afterwards it was held on trust by Belgium. Even before the civil war it was one of the poorest countries on earth but the events that have occurred since it achieved independence in 1962 have impoverished it still further.

Clearly Burundi needs all the help that it can get. By contributing generously to Casa Alessia's work in Burundi we can make a difference.

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