Monday, 2 May 2016

Another Masterclass

Michaela DePrince and her students, Danceworks, 7 July 2015
(c) 2015 Danceworks Ltd

One of the most popular articles that I have ever published was Michaela's Masterclass 8 July 2015. It was about a master class that Michaela DePrince gave at Danceworks on 7 July 2015.  Lesley Osman, the general manager, sent me some lovely pictures as well as an account of the class by one of the students, Ciara Sturrock.

Michaela DePrince will return to Danceworks for another master class on 18 July 2016.  Anyone who wants to attend the class should contact Lesley as soon as possible.

Michaela's classes are well beyond my capability but there are plenty of others in all dance styles for all abilities. I took one with Hendrick January in January which I thoroughly enjoyed (see Hendrick's Class at Danceworks 19 Jan 3016).

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