Saturday, 12 November 2016

Have we got Treats in Store for You!

Dutch National Ballet
Photo Altin Kaftira
(c) 2016 Dutch National Ballet All Rights Reserved
Reproductions licensed by the company

We are on our way to Amsterdam to see the Dutch National Ballet perform La Bayadere. Sasha Mukhamedov will dance Nikiya, Jozef Varga Solor and Vera Tsygankova Gamzatti. We're also going to the Concertgebouw and blitzing the museums so there will be no more posts until after we get back tomorrow night,

But there will be plenty after that. Not only my review of Makarova's production of La Bayadere but also Jordan Matter's book launch at Danceworks which David Muley attended last night. Later this week there will be my review of the Royal Ballet's triple bill (Chroma, Multiverse and Carbon Life) which I will see on the 17. Then Sir Matthew Bourne's Red Shoes and the National Ballet of China coming up.

So stick with us folks. We won't be away for long. And do we have treats in store for you.

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