Friday, 10 March 2017

Product Review: Leg Warmers

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Reproduced with kind permission of the author

Women’s ballet wear can be expensive at the best of times. Often sizing being one of trial and error. Especially if one’s body shape doesn’t conform to the slim of hip, long of limb and small chest of the traditional look of the ballerina. And one which dance garments are usually designed and sizing guides are appropriate for. Being just shy of 5’2” myself and hardly fitting the type (I’m more towards the mesomorph body type), I find most items to be unsuitable.

That said, a recent online sale by Capezio on their knitwear, prompted me to indulge in several items. One of which was a pair of their ‘Essential 18” Stirrup Legwarmers’ (style no BG019). I am pleased to report they have been a worthwhile purchase. I was concerned that (despite the length given) they might be too long when fully stretched. However, they ended just below the knee pit at the top of the calf and didn’t obstruct movement. They are 13” from the top of the heel/stirrup so should give others a reasonable indication of suitability. They were instantly warming and did not slip down during class (1 – 1½ hrs worn over tights). 

I’ve also done a mini-trial without tights, albeit at home, whilst doing sautés and échappés and again, they stayed in place. Their feel is soft to the touch, not itchy at all and the thickness of the 100% acrylic knit provides a look and feel befitting their ‘essential’ description: and rightly so. I hope you found this helpful; my next review shall be Capezio’s 27” Stirrup Legwarmers.

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