Thursday, 1 June 2017

Demystifying Contemporary Dance

 I have already mentioned Chantry Dance Company's tour of the UK in The Sandman Tour 27 Jan 2017 and Chantry Dance goes North 14 March 2017. In preparation for this tour, Paul Chantry and Rae Piper will talk about contemporary dance at the following theatres:

27 June 2017
28 June 2017
29  June 2017
06 July 2017
19 July 2017
21 July 2017
Each of those talks is free but you have to book in advance.

Paul says:
"The aim of the presentation is to introduce people to contemporary dance, and show that this modern style of dance can be exciting and accessible to everyone. Contemporary dance is often perceived to only be enjoyed by those with dance backgrounds .... however, we will explode this myth and present an entertaining and informative talk designed to give an insight into what can be one of the most beautiful arts forms. There will also be some physical demonstrations included in the presentation."
As I said in Chantry Dance goes North, Chantry Dance is more than just a dance company. It also runs a number of educational and outreach programmes as well as the Chantry School of Contemporary and Balletic Arts in Grantham. I shall be at the Halifax talk and I shall report on it in this blog.

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