Friday 11 July 2014

Better than Potato Salad - or even Carrot Juice - 2014 Big Dance Tour by Hack Ballet

Last month we supported Hannah Bateman and Kenneth Tindall's campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for Stephen Lally to film Tindall's new baller "The Architect". Their campaign was successful and we rejoiced at their success in They Made It on 20 June 2014. This month we support another great project: Hack Ballet's  2014 Tour in the The Big Dance Bus.

The Big Dance Bus carries a mobile dance stage for free open air dance performances. Between the 25 July and 30 Aug the bus will be take Hack Ballet to Poplar, Hounslow, Stratford and Paddingtom where they will perform extracts of Briar Adams's latest works To the Edge and Conflux.  Hack Ballet is Adams's company and I can tell you that she is an excellent choreographer. I saw MurleyDance perform The Marks We Leave which she had choreographed in Leeds last year and as you can see from my post it was my favourite work of the evening.

Hack Ballet are raising £1,240 on Kickstarter to fund their tour and so far they have raised £541 with just under 3 days to go. This tour will take ballet to new audiences around London which must be good; but they can only do that if they raise enough to cover their basic expenses such as travel, costumes and rehearsals. So please help them. I can think of few projects that are more deserving of support and I certainly know of one - and perhaps more than one - that is a good deal less. By the way Mel's other campaign on go fund me is one of the other projects that really does merit a modicum of moulah.

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  1. Hack Ballet's Kickstarter is only slightly more deserving than my absurd Carrot Juice one ;) They don't have long left so I hope readers are sharing and pledging to the campaign!!