Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Is Ballet really the same as Kung Fu?

Congratulations to Jinhao Zhang for his success in the Emerging Dancer Competition. According to this film his entry into ballet was serendipitous. His mum wanted him to take up Kung Fu but the class was full. An enterprising ballet teacher in the studio next door spotted him and invited him to join her class. She told her mum that ballet was the same as Kung Fu and luckily for us she and her son were persuaded.

I should also like to congratulate the other finalists including Isabelle Brouwers who worked with Northern Ballet's Kenneth Tindall. I believe that one of my other favourite choreographers, Christopher Marney, contributed to the event and as soon as I find out more I shall let you know.

Lastly, congratulations to Laurretta Summerscales who was the Peoples' Choice.

Last November I was fortunate enough to see all the dancers in class which brought home to me the breadth and depth of talent of this fine company (see Coppelia in Oxford 2 Nov 2014). I wish each and every one of them all the best.

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