Friday, 3 April 2015

Another Photo from Chelmsford's Pineapple Poll

Scarkett Mann as a Midshipman
Photo Amelia Potter
(C) 2015 Chelmsford Ballet Company, all rights reserved

On 22 March 2015 I reviewed Chelmsford Ballet Company's double bill at the town's Civic Theatre (see A Delight Indeed 22 March 2015). On 27 March 2915 I published a lovely photo of Marion Pettet as Britannia at the end of the show (Chelmsford Ballet - the Magnificent Marion as Britannia in Pineapple Poll 27 March 2015). Here is another image from that delightful performance.

Each of the girls of Portsmouth has taken a fancy to a member of the crew of HMS Hot Cross Bun. In particular the street vendor Poll danced by Scarlett Mann is interested in the ship's commander Captain Belaye. In order to be closer to the sailors the girls don naval uniforms and false beards and steal on board the vessel.  This is a shot of Poll disguised as a midshipman.  This photo was taken by Amelia Potter. My thanks to Marion Pettet, chair of the Cheltenham Ballet Company, for permission to reproduce this work.

Marion has also sent me some great pictures from Chris Marney's Carnival of the Animals which I shall publish soon.

I should like to wish all my readers a Happy Easter.

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