Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Special Brew

Marc Brew - For Now, I am.. from Marc Brew Company on Vimeo.

I have already reviewed two of Marc Brew's choreographic works: Stuck in the Mud by Ballet Cymru and Gloucestershre Dance in An Explosion of Joy 21 Sept 2014 and Exalt by Scottish Ballet and Indepen-Dance 4 in No Mean City - Accessible Dance and Ballet 26 April 2015. But Brew is also a performer and audiences in The Tramway got a glimpse of his talent in a short film that was screened before Exalt. I can't give any details of the film because the credits had disappeared and the artist had rolled onto stage to thunderous applause before I could fish a pen that works out of my handbag. Regrettably there are  no particulars in the cast list.

Never mind! Audiences in Scotland will get a chance to see Brew in For Now I Am which starts in Glasgow on 26 and 27 May 2015 as part of the Dance International Glasgow festival and then proceeds to Cumbernauld on the 28 and Musselburgh on the 29. For those who want to learn something about Brew's previous work there is a short biography on his website.

Brew is based in  Glasgow which is a good place to be for an artist and choreographer but it is a long way form home for audiences in most parts of England and Wales. However he told me on Saturday that he is now working with Ballet Cymru which tours the country quite extensively. I liked Ballet Cymru a lot even before I got this news and now that I have a chance to see more of Brew's work I shall be an even bigger fan of the company. Coincidentally, I was wearing a Ballet Cymru t-shirt when I visited The Tramway on Saturday.

I hope to write a proper appreciation on Brew and his work when I know more about him. Now that I have seen two of his ballets and had short meetings with him in Llandudno and Glasgow I am beginning to understand his art.

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