Wednesday, 22 April 2015

English Youth Ballet in Bradford

A welcome change from  the usual harvest of junk mail and bills was a flyer from Bradford Theatres about the English Youth Ballet's performance of Giselle at St George's Hall, Bradford on 5 and 6 June 2015. This is a company made up largely of young people which tours the country performing full length classical ballets.If the video of the rehearsals are anything to go by it should be an impressive production. Tickets cost between £19.50 and £23.50 and you can book online,

There are, incidentally, some very good videos on the English Youth Ballet's website such as How to create a high bun which my hairdresser seems to accomplish with ease but quite defeats me and for those young, slender and strong and competent enough to attempt pointe (which will never include me) ribbon tie techniques.

One bit of advice that I heartily advice and not just in ballet is what to do if you make a mistake on stage. The answer is:
"The worst thing you can do in the middle of a performance if you go wrong is to stop dancing, or something else the audience might notice. Continue with what you are doing; don’t draw attention to yourself, as if you look confident in what you are doing people will think you’re doing the right thing. Sometimes unexpected things can happen on stage, like a piece of a headdress or costume falls off, and everyone is left wondering what to do. Use your common sense- if something is laying on stage, and you have an appropriate opportunity to pick it up and save the day, DO! And don’t forget: a smile goes a long way…"
Exactly the same applies to advocacy. So if your witness does not come up to proof or if the judge asks you a question you should have thought have but didn't just keep thinking and talking and never lose your composure.  As I have said many times before, I couldn't do my job - or at least not so well - if I didn't do ballet.

So I am really looking forward to seeing these kids for many reasons and I wish them, their teachers and their pros well in everything they seek to do.

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