Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Didn't they do well!

On Sunday I reviewed Move It (KNT Danceworks evening class show) at the Dancehouse in Better than Eurovision. In my review I wrote:
"My main interest was, of course, in the ballet. Both classes did well. Both had challenging choreography with music that I would not have found easy to dance to. .......... The beginners had some tricky temps levés which they executed well. I am very proud to have done class with them and I have to congratulate Ailsa and Karen on a very creditable show."
Karen has uploaded videos of the show to YouTube. I want you to see the film of the Beginners' Ballet class show because they are the people with whom I dance when I go to Manchester.

This would not have been an easy piece to dance. You can see what I mean by the tricky temps levés. Seeing the piece a second time I am even more impressed with those folks and think that they have really done well.

I only hope that I can do as well when I dance in the Over 55 class contribution  to the Northern Ballet Academy end of year show on 4 July 2015 (see Not just Americans who will celebrate the 4th July this year 23 April 2015),

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