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KNT Danceworks Adult Summer Intensives

Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester
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In More good news from Manchester 14 April 2015 I mentioned KNT Danceworks'  show Move it on 23 May 2015 and the possibility of an intensive workshop in August.  I am glad to report that the intensive workshops are actually going to happen and that KNT are taking bookings,

Here's Karen Sant's announcement:
"We are now taking bookings! If you would like to confirm your place on a course please comment below and I will send you a registration form.
All of our intensives will be held at The Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester, and will be taught by industry professionals. The price will be £200 for one workshop (3 days) or £350 for two workshops (6 days). The days will run from 10am - 4:30pm. Please note we need a minimum of 20 students in each course for it to run.
There is a £50 non-refundable deposit included in the price to secure your place, and the outstanding balance must be received 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the course.
A typical day at one of our workshops will start with a 45 minute warm up, followed by a class in the style of dance that your intensive is based around. We’ll then spend a bit of time working on technique and repertoire, before having a well-deserved lunch break. The afternoons will be filled with rehearsals, and on the final day of the intensive there will be a performance were you can show off everything you’ve been working on!
The dates of the different workshops we are running are as follows:
Mon 10th - Wed 12th August: Beginner Jazz and Contemporary - Jazz Repertoire CATS, Teacher: Dane Quixall CATS, Contemporary Repertoire and Teacher TBC
Thurs 13th - Sat 15th August: Advanced Jazz and Contemporary - Jazz Repertoire CATS, Teacher: Dane Quixall CATS, Contemporary Repertoire and Teacher TBC
Mon 17th - Wed 19th August: Beginner Ballet - SWAN LAKE, Teacher: Jane Tucker NBT
Thurs 20th - Sat 22nd August: Advanced Ballet - GISELLE, Teacher: Jane Tucker NBT
Looking forward to it!
Karen Sant"
If I were good enough and has the time I would just to take the Beginner Ballet Workshop. Imagine how exciting it would be to do just a little bit of Swan Lake. The teacher is Jane Tucker of Northern Ballet Academy. I think I attended one of her classes last year and she was very good.

You can email Karen on or call her ib 07783 103 037.

Postcript 9 May 2015

After I had posted this article Karen told me that I would be good enough to take the beginners ballet course. Anybody can do it. I am tempted but I remember that the most famous part of Swan Lake are Legnani's 32 fouettés:

"I hope you don't expect me to do those" I pleaded.  Karen assured me that I would not.

On another topic I attended KNT Danceworks Friday class on 8 May 2015. Here is what I wrote on Facebook:
"Yesterday evening I tried Sarah's class at KNT Danceworks in Manchester. I think it must be quite a new class because I had noticed it only recently on the timetable and it was smaller than the classes that I had previously attended on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Friday class works well for me because I like KNT Danceworks but can't come most Tuesdays and Thursdays because I attend the Over 55 class at Northern Ballet on those days. I recognized some of the students from the Tuesday and Thursday classes yesterday. Sarah took us through the usual barre exercises and then two short port de bras sequences which I enjoyed very much. We ended with a few petits jetes, echappes and changements in which, I regret to say, I got very confused. It was a good way of ending a busy and enjoyable but somewhat stressful week."

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