Friday, 29 May 2015

More Clips from KNT Danceworks

In Better than Eurovision 24 May 2015 I wrote:
"But once again it was the ballet that delighted me. ....... The evening was rounded off with the advanced ballet class who were delightful. They wore lovely flowing dresses which emphasised their elegance."
I make no apologies for mentioning the show again because that dance was so lovely that I am sure you would like to see it. I have embedded a film of the advanced ballet class above.

I also mentioned the pointe class's Putting on the Ritz.   You can see their dance on YouTube too.

In my review I embedded a film from last year's show which shows three of the teachers at KNT Danceworks: Karen Sant, Ailsa Baker and Josh Moss. I wrote about my first class with Ailsa in Manchester in So Proud of Manchester on 29 Aug 2014 and my class in Liverpool with Karen in It's not every Class that you can use Lord Canning's Eyes for Spotting 9 Sept 2014. Yesterday I had my first class with Josh and I enjoyed that too. There was the usual barre (pliés, tendus, glissés, fondus and grands battements), a lovely port de bras, chaînés, various jumps. glissades, chassés and temps levés. As this will be my only class this week  I made the most of it. I met several of the cast in Move It and I told them how much I liked the show.

It will be some weeks before I can return to KNT because term begins in Leeds on Tuesday and our Over 55 class has a show to rehearse.  Once that show is over Leeds takes a break for a couple of months. During that vacation  I plan to take at least one class a week from Karen, Ailsa or Josh,

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