Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dogs Don't Do Ballet

"Dogs Don't Do Ballet" is a children's story book by Anna Kemp. Ballet Black has commissioned Christopher Marney to turn it into a ballet for children. Vlad the Lad, the nearest I have to a grandson, loves animals.  He, his mum and dad and I had a lovely time at Regents Park Zoo a few weeks ago. He also liked English National Ballet's My First Coppelia. I am sure that he and children everywhere will just love this new production.

I first learned of this new ballet in Southport when I met Cassa Pancho and several of her dancers on 22 May 2014 (see "What could be more thrilling than a Ride on a Roller Coaster? A performance by Ballet Black!" 23 May 2014). She mentioned it in confidence because the commission was embargoed. But on Monday Ballet Black lifted that embargo and it is now public knowledge.

Even if Vlad does not like this ballet I most certainly will.  I don't know what it is about Marney's work but for me it stands out. What do I know about ballet? Not a lot to be sure as I have only started adult ballet classes very recently; but I have seen a lot of performances over the decades. I know what I like and I like Marney. I also like Robinson, Johnson, Carr, Alves, Coracy and all the other beautiful dancers of Ballet Black several of whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Southport. 

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