Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tindall's Architect - How to Get a Piece of the Action - Literally!

Last month our beloved Northern Ballet danced at the Linbury Studio Theatre to packed houses and favourable reviews. It was by no means their first season in London but it was their first at Covent Garden and their success filled all of us woad-painted, ferret-tending, coal-in-the-bath-storing Borealians with pride. There were regrettably attempts to puncture that pride by one who should have known better who dismissed  one of our wonderful choreographers as one of "dozens of others who have done a few pieces, successful or otherwise". But, never mind. A week or two later my pride was more than restored when Christopher Marney listed Martha Leebolt and other Northern Ballet dancers among his favourites.

One of the most popular works at the Linbury was Kenneth Tindall's Luminous Junc•ture.  That is an impressive work that I saw and reviewed last June (see Angelic - Northern Ballet's Mixed Bill 9 June 2013).  In less than a fortnight Northern Ballet are bringing the programme that they danced so successfully in London back to Leeds but, instead of Luminous Junc•ture, Tindall has created a new ballet called The Architect.

According to Northern Ballet's website this ballet was inspired by Genesis. The score is  Zinc by Zoe Keating Remix, ...Og Lengra by Olafur Arnalds, Aria by Balanescu Quartet, Til Enda by Olafur Arnalds and Architect of the mind by Kerry Muzzey. The sets and costumes are by Christopher Giles. If you visit that page you will see a gorgeous drawing of two of the costumes by Giles and a dramatic photo by Darren Goldsmith of Benjamin Mitchell and Giuliano Contadini in a scene from that ballet.

I am, of course, looking forward to seeing this work very much indeed but ballets being transitory it will be over all too quickly. However, there is a chance of preserving this work on film for I have just seen a post on by Hannah Bateman on Kickstarter appealing for funding for the filming of the work by Stephen Lally. Most of the money for the project has been raised but Lally and his team still need to raise another £3,000 by private subscription in the next 12 days and they are already well on their way there. If you want to contribute you can offer anything from £1 upwards and there are incentives like signed posters and advanced viewing of the picture if you do.

Tindall isn't just one of "dozens of others who have done a few pieces, successful or otherwise". He is good. I have seen Bitter Earth as well as Luminous Junc•ture and I look forward to more.

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