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Ballet Cymru returns to Lincoln

Swans in Lincoln
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Ballet Cymru will be 30 next year and they have a lot to celebrate (see Our History on the company's website). They have some lovely dancers who have created some great ballets several of which I have reviewed in this blog (see  They're not from Chigwell - they're from a small Welsh Town called Newport 14 May 2013, Diolch yn Fawr - Ballet Cymru's Beauty and the Beast 24 June 2014 and An Explosion of Joy 21 Sept 2014, see also Mel Wong's review of Beauty and the Beast 24 June 2014). They have also created a number of ballets that I have not yet seen and would very much like to see such as TIR with music by Cerys Matthews. Under Milk Wood and How Green was my Valley.

On Sunday the company is returning to Lincoln - almost as far to the East from Wales as it is possible to get without leaving Great Britain - to dance Cinderella at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. The advance publicity for this show is irresistible which no doubt explains why there are hardly any seats left. The music is by Jack White who composed the score for Stuck in the Mud. The choreography is by Darius James and Amy Doughty and there is the most compelling picture of Krystal Lowe racing under the moon on the home page of the Centre's website.

I have a soft spot for Lincoln for it is where I first met Chantry Dance (see Chantry Dance Company's Sandman and Dream Dance 10 May 2014). It is a beautiful city where they do a lot of dance including an impressive bachelors' degree course at Lincoln University. It should be a great evening.

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