Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Caledonian Cousins

Yesterday my monthly newsletter from Scottish Ballet featured Scottish Ballet Elders Company whose members look a lot like the members of my Over 55 class at Northern Ballet. They are described as "Scottish Ballet's first performance company of elder community dancers".  We are not a company but we do put on shows, glimpses of which appear in the YouTube clip. I performed in one last year and had the time of my life (see The Time of My Life 28 June 2014) and we are rehearsing for another on 4 July 2015 (see Not just Americans who will celebrate the 4th July this year 23 April 2015).

According to Scottish Ballet's website the Elders Company will now begin to work with choreographer Winifred Jamieson towards the creation of a new piece to be performed at Dance Base, the national centre for dance at Edinburgh, during the Festival as part of the Fringe. The Company will then tour alongside Prime, the elder dance company from Dance Base to 4 venues in Scotland in October.

I am sure I speak for everyone in my Over 55 class (indeed on behalf of all my readers) in wishing both companies well and a cheery chookas for their forthcoming shows. Since the Yorkshire Post featured us in their colour supp (see "We're in the Paper" 15 April 2015) we have been joined by several new dancers and Northern Ballet is laying on extra classes to cope with demand.

On 30 May 2015 I reported on Danceworks's Over 50s class in London which offers a taster class on 14 July 2015. One of my colleagues from Northern Ballet has already put her name down for that class and I shall try to make it when I am in Town.  I have also heard of Rambert's Mercury Movers for the Over 60s who seem to have a very select audience at one of their classes.

Of course there is nothing to stop dancers of my age or even older from attending mixed aged groups. I have been made very welcome by Team Hud in Huddersfield, Hype in Sheffield and KNT Danceworks in Manchester and Pineapple in London, Yesterday Gita and I attended a one off class by Chris Hinton-Lewis at Northern Ballet and enjoyed it tremendously. But it is fun to dance with one's own age group and then natter for an hour or so at a nearby cafe. If anyone knows of any other dance class or company for the over 50s in any other British town or city (or indeed abroad) do let me know and I'll publicize it as widely as possible.

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