Thursday, 4 June 2015

Here's Another Answer

Earlier this morning I wrote about BP's initiative to bring performances from Covent Garden to the public by sponsoring big screens in parks and public squares around the country (Ballet for Everybody in Centenary Square 4 June 2015), Here's another initiative and I am proud to say that it comes from Northern Ballet.  It is directed to schoolchildren in every part of Yorkshire.

The film shows some of the children at the Grand Theatre in Leeds.  They have been taken to see Peter Pan which I also saw last year (Not too sure about Fairies but I certainly believe in Rachael Gillespie 21 Dec 2014). For some it was their first experience of theatre.  Several were born overseas.  There are boys as well as girls. They are from all backgrounds and cultures. Clearly they are having a great time.

But their contact with the ballet goes beyond the theatre. The video shows them in the dance studios working with the dancers.  It also shows the teachers learning new skills too.

I hope someone tells those kids and their parents about the big screens in Centenary Square in Bradford and Millennium Square in Leeds. I hope some of them will see the Royal Ballet's Romeo and Juliet. Maybe that will also help change the composition of audiences over time.

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