Thursday, 2 July 2015

How about an Elders Dance Company in England?

Some things improve with age
Author Innocenceisdeath
Source Wikipedia

On 9 June 2015 I mentioned two troupes of dancers in Scotland who describe themselves as "elders companies" (see Caledonian Cousins 9 June 2015), I think it is a great idea and I wish those dancers well. One of the ladies who occasionally attends our over 55 class in Leeds enquired about joining one of those companies some time ago but she is still waiting for a reply. She was a little upset about not hearing from them and said so on BalletcoForum for which she was ticked off by one of the fussy folk for her pains. I have to say I see her point but that's by the by.

The reason for this post is to find out whether there is anyone within spitting distance of Leeds or Manchester who would like to form an elders company in the North of England.  If there are please get in touch with me through Facebook, twitter or this blog. If there are enough of us we can approach a company, studio or school for the next stage.

By the way, I prefer the adjective "vintage" to "elders" because some things get better with age.

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